About the Page and Author

This page is intended as a platform to publically ruminate on strategy, philosophy, and history in the martial arts, and, hopefully, to spur comments that will expand the author’s understanding of these subjects. 

Bernie Gourley has studied a Japanese martial art for 20 years, and has learned the basics of Yang Style Tai Chi for health and energy development purposes. He attained the rank of fourth degree black belt in the Bujinkan martial arts organization, and currently holds a third degree black belt in the Jinenkan. His training focuses on the Koshijutsu of Gyokkō-ryū, the Koppōjutsu of Kōtō-ryū, Kukishin-ryu Bōjutsū, and Jinen-ryū Juttejutsu.

Bernie is a writer, currently living in Atlanta, who is working on his first novel, entitled DARK CELL.

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