Posted by: B Gourley | July 6, 2013

Haiku no Gyokko-ryū Jōryaku no Maki

Also posted to my website, Tao of Loafing.

throw open the gate
mindless herds will charge headlong
into the stockyard

prolong each journey
show the Emperor the sights
drop his palanquin

the guitarist’s hand
bounds chord to chord on the dot
no beat is missed

the slug ricochets
yet always finds its mark
burrowing deeply

waves washing ashore
within a rocky inlet
turn about strongly

gulls flap into flight
slowly lifting skyward in
an unrushed climb

sparks pop from the fire
with impeccable timing

topple the gatepost
with a splintering impact
but start with a sting

the pinky finger
of a raging wild-eyed brute
snaps like a pea-pod

once the snake constricts
all is hopelessly lost
sting first and sting deep

bears don’t crush stout trees
stout trees sometimes crush a bear
falling in tree’s time

the bull’s hoof clomps down
a statement made decisive
not to be wrangled



  1. Enjoyed 🙂

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