Posted by: B Gourley | January 18, 2013

6 Phases of Mind Under the Sword

Too many minds.

Too many minds.

You’re standing in the dōjō. The teacher holds a sword overhead, his eyes boring into yours, his body still. The shinai will plow toward your head without warning.

This is your mind at:


Phase 1: Oh, he’s going to beat a lump in my head. It’s going to leave a mark. Everybody is going to see. Just don’t pass out! Just don’t pass out!


Phase 2: Okay, step forward with the left foot, keep your shoulders square, and get that right hand up to cover and guard.


Phase 3: So I’m not supposed to think anything. Okay, I’m not thinking anything. My mind is a sheet of white paper. White paper… Blank paper… nothing to see here folks.


Phase 4:           …[nothing]…. ,  wait, did he twitch?  …[nothing]…    sh#%, he’s definitely moving now


Phase 5:          [in the tanden (dan tien)] …  [in the tanden (dan tien)]


Phase 6:


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